Granular Integrations With Every Marketing Platform

In addition to 1600+ mobile specific marketing integrations, marketers also gain deeper insights working with us as an official Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner, Google App Attribution Partner, Apple Ad Partner, Pinterest Marketing Partner, Snapchat Measurement Partner, and Twitter Partner.

The Most Flexible Attribution Reporting

Dig deep into your data with the agilest reports that are aligned to your unique marketing goals throughout the user funnel

Cost Reporting

Built from the ground up to capture the most granular and comprehensive cost data – Singular is the industry standard.

Revenue & ROI

Delivering the most granular ROI and revenue, Singular offers the most powerful reports for full funnel performance.

Discrepancy Reporting

Gain transparency of your full funnel data comparing discrepancies between reported sources across any dimension

In-App Events

Identify all in-app user behavior to quickly determine app performance and take action to improve retention.


Measure downstream effectiveness of retargeting campaigns and accurately reattribute users to increase LTV


Increase retention and boost revenue by understanding and linking engagement metrics to know activities in any timeframe

Leverage the Industry’s Best Uninstall Insights

True, deterministic uninstall measurement at the user level for both IOS and Android

Boost UA user quality to grow ROI and LTV

Use uninstall rates for the first hours and days after an install as an early indicator of which programs and partners will drive the best revenue, ARPU and ROI. Segment recent uninstalls for win-back campaigns and market research.

Compare uninstall rates across any dimension

Customize your mobile app uninstall analysis by partner, time period, region, creative, buying model or cohort. Get the critical user quality insights you need to optimize for maximum ROI. Measure performance against your unique KPIs.

Take immediate action with real-time notifications

Singular offers a built-in email notification system to alert you when uninstalls exceed normal levels. Configure customizable uninstall alerts to deliver messages to partners and team members so they take immediate, corrective actions.

Maximum Protection Against Mobile App Fraud

As an integrated platform with unprecedented visibility into marketing ecosystems, our fraud prevention suite utilizes all known prevention methods to ensure maximum protection against existing fraud threats as well as unknown threats to come.

Comprehensive protection against fraud


Adaptive to evolving fraud


Controllable rejection methods

Advanced, Flexible reporting


Transparency of protected assets


Visualization of fraud metrics

Data Security with Trusted Infrastructure

Our unique, multifaceted security protocols have met or exceeded standards of leading retailers and financial institutions. SIngular’s data governance and protection standards fully address the demands of the world’s largest advertisers. Our data protections include owned-and-operated servers in a SOC-2 certified facility, encryption for data while at rest or in transit, and available two-factor authentication