The Most Powerful Integrations to Determine Full Funnel Performance

From direct API integrations to web dashboards, email to internal BI systems, Singular will ingest your marketing data from any source across offline, desktop, and mobile. Singular is the first platform to connect marketing meta-data to user-level behavioral data, bringing marketers the most powerful solution for determining full funnel performance.

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Breakthrough Algorithms for Granular ROI Insights

Leverage our proprietary data combining algorithms to help you unlock insights at all levels of granularity, including campaign, sub-publisher, keyword & even user-level performance

Ensuring accuracy and completeness when combining and connecting your data is one of the greatest challenges. No two sources are the same and even when it is accurate, complete, and attributed, you still need to ensure your marketing data matches your user-level behavioral data, to unlock ROI from campaign, sub-publisher, keyword, and even the creative-level. Without these insights, marketers are unable to see the true effect of their efforts.

Complete and Accurate Data

The Singular platform never sleeps, this makes monitoring the integrity of every marketing tool and channel integration a breeze. In fact, we process over 100k collection tasks across 3500+ apps, 10M+ campaigns, and 19M+ creatives every day.

Singular ensures the most complete and accurate data for analyzing marketing performance. Utilizing a dedicated QA team along with proprietary technology, your data is constantly scrubbed and audited for discrepancies from network issues, human errors, changed integrations, and failed data combining. Additionally, we enrich missing information otherwise not provided by the marketing partners, enabling you to make optimal decisions to meet your specific business goals.