A Single View to Effortlessly Analyze all Your Marketing Performance

Run fast, flexible queries on your marketing data with no code or SQL to reveal top-performing campaigns and users. Filter results on the fly, compare user cohorts against any time period and seamlessly switch between granular and high level views.


Filter results on the fly without running additional queries

View performance between two time periods side by side

Quickly see where a specific metric is coming from

Cache results of your favorite queries for lightning-fast load times


Customize Data Just the Way You Want It

Singular gives you ultimate control to explore your marketing data streams

Custom Metrics

Apply custom calculations to your spend, revenue and any other metric. Account for partner fees, app store margins, LTV formulas, currency exchange rates & customer KPIs for greater accuracy.

Custom Events

Ingest events from all your data sources and automatically map events to marketing data to see which programs drive the highest conversion rates.

Custom Dimensions

Group data by any dimension. For example, group marketing channels by “Channel Type” to view performance for “acquisition” vs. “re-engagement” channels.


Segment Your Most Valuable Users

Unlock the power of your marketing insights to create audience segments based on user behavior. Re-engage with inactive users, dynamically retarget users who have abandoned cart, activate new users, or encourage incremental revenue from loyal customers.


Sync Audience Data with Any Platform – From Ad Networks to BI’s

Make the most impact with your campaigns. Once you have identified target audiences based on user behavior, automatically sync user segments on an hourly or daily basis to your most valuable marketing partners.

Distribute user segments to test new channels for extended reach, test campaign copy for improved messaging, or a/b test ads to retain or re-engage an otherwise stagnant audience. Hit the right users at the right time, with the right message on your most relevant channels to get the most effective results.


Set Alerts to Maximize Workflow Efficiencies

Receive notifications when a rule is met based on performance on any dimension of data. Quickly detect fraud when uninstalls spike, or determine ad fatigue when CPI is greater than your target, or identify high performing campaigns when ROI goals are exceeded. Whether you work with an agency or communicate with an account manager at an ad network, notify all appropriate parties to ensure timely action without needing constant attention on your evergreen campaigns.


Leverage Goals to Pace More Effectively

Protect against missed targets and overspending. With Goals, manage your budgets by tracking spend by app, platform, ad network, country, city, or a number of other breakdowns for any duration. Run reports to determine budget pacing and forecast to predict future trends.