August 13, 2019
Growth loops: How to win the $5.6 trillion digital commerce market

E-commerce and m-commerce are hard.

Retail in general is challenging, and digital commerce has both giant international competitors like Amazon and Alibaba as well as hugely successful direct-to-consumer startups like Dollar Shave Club (now owned by Unilever), Casper in the mattress industry, Allbirds in shoes, and Bonobos in clothing.

So how do you scale profitable growth?

Assuming you’ve got the product and the brand that will support success, marketing makes the difference. And given the cost of acquiring first-time customers, your ability to create self-sustaining growth loops of acquisition, engagement, retention, and re-engagement is critical to long-term growth.

In digital commerce, all of that depends on tools.

We’re talking about growth loops, digital commerce success, and the right tools in a new report, Growth Loops and Scaling Profitable Growth.

Despite all the recent growth in e-commerce, there’s still a lot of room to grow.

Only 10.2% of total retail sales qualify as e-commerce, according to the Census Bureau of the U.S. Department of Commerce. That 10% totaled $1.34 billion in Q1 this year, and while that number was up 12.4% from the first quarter of 2018, there’s clearly still a huge amount of growing room.

Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce e-commerce data

Literally huge: 90% of the retail economy is the blue ocean for growth. 

And while it’s true that the entire retail economy is unlikely to ever be 100% transacted via e- or m-commerce, massive swaths of it will be. Getting your share of that is the current challenge. Growth loops can help.

Get the free report today to see how to:

  • Build the e-commerce success loop
  • Build the right creative
  • Use technology to optimize click-through, conversions, and profit
  • Re-targetspecificaudiences
  • Howtore-engageusersand/orcustomers
  • And much, much more …